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Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate

Uus Maa Nord professional brokers will help you find a commercial space or a buyer for your commercial space

There are several risks involved in renting out real estate. It is important to find a tenant who uses the property prudently and abides by the agreements. The lease must also comply with the law in order to avoid future disputes and ambiguities..

Our specialists with many years of experience manage the entire rental process, from setting the rental price to handing over the property to the client. Our contracts have been compiled by lawyers and will be updated as the law changes.

Price list

In the case of concluding a commercial space lease agreement, the commission is the one-month lease amount of the concluded lease agreement.
In case of sale of commercial space, the commission is 2-5% of the amount of the final transaction.

The exact size of the mediation depends on the specifics of the object (distance from the city, location, size, estimated realization period, price)
* VAT is added to the prices.

Service guarantee

If you want to sell or rent real estate, we definitely recommend you to contact us. 20 years of trust and customer recommendations speaks for itself.

In addition, the professionalism of our brokers ensures exemplary customer service in the purchase, sale and rental of real estate from the first contact until the successful completion of the transaction.

We are so convinced of the quality of our brokers that we give you a guarantee about the activities that the brokers of Uus Maa Kinnisvarbüroo do in dealing with your property.

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